26 03 2009

Hey buddies i made my first Chobots vid.:

Hope you guys like it and thx for chobots,one true media,flamemaster and furball!


Happy B-day to you!

21 03 2009

Congrats Monkey and Vano!
You guys made 100 days! ^^
Here’s the party pic:
It was really fun and they are really nice.
Smurfet and other mods and agents apearred too
Oh and watch out on Space Race its reall glitchy!

Chobot is spotted at Live Star city,underground

20 03 2009

Here is a pic from me and Chobot


He’s really nice but he didn’t answered my question…
Anyway,he said chobots will have tasks like quests and completing them will become  agent 😀
I really liked it ‘cuz im getting bored on the game i mean we don’t have nothing to do,only chat and earn bugs

My friend blog and my future releases

20 03 2009

I found a chobot named Chobotgenius and he give me his blog’s link here it is:  (if it doesn’t work copy and paste it)

Anyway it’s really cool hope my blog get awesome like it!

That’s all for now, thx

PS: Toolbar and banners soon!  😉

Teaser have been released

19 03 2009

The Chobots teaser have been released here it is:

I really liked it,especially the music!



18 03 2009

Hey guys i finally got enough bugs to buy the mamous flying shoes  ^^
Here’s a pic from me with them:


Good thing Chopix is there to help me
(He’s at Live Star City,Park
touch him and get a quest: retrieve evil robots around the town
each robot gives 50 bugs and all of them give you 10oo!
Buy some speed magic at Magic Shop to get the robots,they’re really fast)

FREE Citizen Pass OMG

18 03 2009

Hi guys isn’t this sweet!? If you click here:

…then here:

You can get free citizenship 😀

If you have more than 30 days, you will have 3 days of freedom
and more than 100 days make you have 10 days

Im still 12 days old

Hope i get 30 days  hurry     >.<

Oh! And if ur citizenship gets expired, you can use this to prolong it