6 04 2009

Hi guys i’m moving to…..

well that’s it! visit NOW! NOW!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



C.A.S squad

5 04 2009

My friend ganzy2 told me about this:

is an secret squad which receive itens
we have an uniform check out mine!:


hope you like it, Norg.

I saw go!

2 04 2009

Hey everyone,

I was on my school at the lunch and went to the computer lab,
I saw go!, the Moderator

I didn’t have the opportunity to take  a pic, but he has beautiful clothes,all from the new catalog!
If you wanna know, he was at chocolate server but i can’t say the time ‘cuz
i1m from Brazil and our hours may be different 😉

That’s all, thx!


1 04 2009

Today is april fools! my favorite day just like halloween 😀

Well, the cinema,new clothes,Chopix statue is showing the date and new colors came out, and they’re just awesome!
Other news, Applepoppet123 and Jessie200 make 100 days today, Congrats!

PS: Map is completely crazy!
PS2:sorry for no pics, im posting in the school 😦


26 03 2009

Hey buddies i made my first Chobots vid.:

Hope you guys like it and thx for chobots,one true media,flamemaster and furball!

Happy B-day to you!

21 03 2009

Congrats Monkey and Vano!
You guys made 100 days! ^^
Here’s the party pic:
It was really fun and they are really nice.
Smurfet and other mods and agents apearred too
Oh and watch out on Space Race its reall glitchy!

Chobot is spotted at Live Star city,underground

20 03 2009

Here is a pic from me and Chobot


He’s really nice but he didn’t answered my question…
Anyway,he said chobots will have tasks like quests and completing them will become  agent 😀
I really liked it ‘cuz im getting bored on the game i mean we don’t have nothing to do,only chat and earn bugs